Taking Sales to a Higher Level

Business Simulations

Business Simulations

Why Business Simulation?

A bird strike on an aeroplane engine acts in the same way that a market crisis affects business: You can’t influence it, but it has an unpredictable impact on your future wellbeing!

As pilots are trained repeatedly to deal with the unexpected, a ‘live’ simulation which presents participants with the sequence; situation, decision and consequence in the business idiom can greatly raise the realism of a training experience.

Sales training using a simulation challenges participants through a compelling experience testing decision making and business thinking. Simulation help;

  • Emphasise the link between activity and results.
  • Encourage the correct balance of sales activities for success.
  • Avoid typical and repeated tactical mistakes.
  • Embed the right behaviours in customer facing situations.

Look for the outputs here:

  • More and better quality sales
  • Procurement functional improvements
  • Better margins
  • More effective category management
  • Improved customer retention.

Business simulations are cost effective (up to 20 participants)