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Virtual Delivery

Virtual Delivery

We recognize the financial and logistical challenges presented by removing core sales resource from the line for days at a time. The compound negative impact of fixed costs, travel and subsistence costs, lost opportunity cost and increased workload for those not on the training programme, can be significant. Using available technology it is possible to deliver focused, impactful and output driven training sessions without the need  to strip resource from the field. Using slots of 1-4 hours, groups can be developed outside core selling time without leaving their workplace.

Mercuri has extensive experience of delivering this type of training as a component of complex projects across  time zones and cultures. All aspects that contribute to overall success can be incorporated. Pre training assessments, e-Learning, online breakout rooms and line management coaching have all been successful used.

The all important dimension of managing positive participant entry behaviour to the process is a key factor in raising the success probabilities.  We understand just how to achieve this tricky objective.

Please contact us to learn more about how Virtual Training Delivery can work for your organization.