The Logistics sector for Mercuri International covers sea, land and air transportation, airlines, hotels and the travel industry. Mercuri International provide bespoke Sales improvement solutions to global organisations in this sector.

“Professional Sales Training sans frontiers”

Mercuri International has a proven track record of sales increase in these sector.

Whether this is about increasing profits, increasing or strengthening the customer base, selling a wider range of products and services or increasing revenue – Mercuri International has a powerful pedigree. Our ability to specialise means that:

  • You get sales and sales management solutions specific to your industry
  • Our Sales Consultants have experience of your challenges
  • We bring a deep understanding of your industry and a broad perspective from wider activities

Our innovative approach works – delivering significant measurable ROI and generating comments such as:

“The structure of the sales training, the style of delivery, your in depth knowledge of human behaviour and your real life experiences made a great impact on all of us, improving on individual performances and achieving business goals”

“Absolutely accurate in terms of our development needs, pitched at exactly the right level, there was a noticeable difference in the way the team behaved”

Whether it’s an integrated international programme or a single local project you can be sure you are choosing the same partner as many blue chip companies when you work with Mercuri International. 

Maersk Line take first place in part for its in-house learning model, the CARE PROGRAM, developed in partnership with Mercuri International