Change Management

The buying journey has changed – customer requirements and experience throughout all touch points is demanding that sales organizations change and adapt to a new way of working. 2020 has provided a combination of global events that have redefined the business landscape. Change is the only constant; As business leaders and sales professionals, we now, more than ever, need to be ready and willing to embrace change and support and mobilize others to do the same.

Change Management goals:

  • To prepare leaders to drive people to acknowledge their responsibilities (accountability) and develop a sense of commitment and responsibility in owners, making them aware of critical situations.
  • To mobilize all employees to think of solutions, not problems, becoming more ‘do-ers than ‘believers’.

Our change management work process

  1. Support: Assessment of actions taken and definition of specific actions to support change.
  2. Implementation: Implementation and management of change management actions.
  3. Strategy and Approach: What should we do? How should we do it?
  4. Understanding the context and resistance: Diagnostic of the content and the reason for changing and transformation goals.

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