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Based on our research we help managers and companies create sustainable organic growth. We move the frontier of commercial excellence in collaboration with leading international businesses. Based on our research we help managers and firms create sustainable organic growth.

  • We research new phenomena in B2B sales and marketing and distribute our insights to the members of our community in various formats.
  • Our passion is for sharing our insights built up in client engagements and research projects.
  • We regularly perform independent and collaborative studies of new phenomena in B2B sales and marketing.


Do you need an injection of food for thought? Is time limited but you need to include and mobilize a larger group? Then our inspiring lectures and workshops will be the best way to go! Available in English & Swedish. Read more


Digitalization, millennials in the sales force, E-commerce, purchasing functions. These are only a few of the areas in B2B sales and marketing that we have examined during the past years.  You can find the results from many of them here. Read more


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Providing Organizations with Facts and Decision Support for the Digitalization of Marketing and Sales in B2B.The Toolbox provide help in your role as a sales and marketing manager in the form of reports, presentations, videos and templates. Read more


The Sales Conference 2021

Planning for the Sales conference 2021 is now well underway, the conference is perfect for sales leaders. The virtual sales conference 2021 was informative and thought provoking. Click the button below to hear what the keynote speakers had to say about sales, leadership and future trends. WHAT HAPPENED AT THE SALES CONFERENCE.

Will robots replace sales professionals?

This informative blog from looks at the impact of intelligent software on the workforce and particuarly the sales workforce: “Academic studies have raised awareness about how intelligent software can displace workers from their jobs. Among others, sales occupations were reported as highly likely to be automated. However, it will be wrong to assume all sales occupations will be equally affected. The reality is that business deals that require sales-related skills such as creativity, persuasion and negotiation will still require human intervention. So rather than threatening to substitute the sales force, intelligent software represents an opportunity for sales organizations. An opportunity to maximize sales productivity and accelerate opportunities through the pipeline. READ THE BLOG ON AI AND SALES

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