Sales Training – Powerful Sales Skills

We inspire sales teams to outperform

Bringing learning to where your employees are, with engaging formats and the most relevant training content. Whether it’s digital learning, personalized or instructor led training – we create advanced innovative learning solutions, specifically tailored to your needs.

Integrated learning experience

With our digital learning experience, you get a cost and time efficient way of training, anytime, anywhere and across multiple devices. It easily integrates into your existing tools to simplify the end-user’s experience. You can also monitor and keep track of learner progress in real-time with customizable dashboards.

Personalized Training

Our personalized training content and format works on an individual level. We also provide you with suggestions as to the next level of learning and development for your sales and leadership teams.  

Instructor led training – Virtual

Our best-in-class trainers will ensure you increase awareness and improve skill development.


Mercuri certified coaches support and provide guidance on how to deal with specific situations. Providing tools and tips that are easily applied in day-to-day business, and awareness of individual strengths and development areas.

Global reach, local knowledge

Dubai based Sales Training Consultants will work with you to co-author professional sales training programmes which get results. Our Powerful Sales Performance methods ensure that our sales training programmes engage and challenge, as well as enhance the skills of your sales team. Our programmes are designed to address the:

  • Specific needs of your teams and sales process
  • Challenges presented in winning business in your industry
  • Demands of your customers
  • Return you require on your investment

We focus on:

Our sales training consultants have international experience with many clients across all sectors and industries. Customised sales training programmes that have been designed and delivered in the following industries:

The most powerful Sales Training, the most experienced Sales Consultants delivering your sales growth.

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