Powerful Sales Skills

Mercuri International has a 50 year track record in delivering increased sales results for our customers. Mercuri International’s sales training delivers more than just skills. Powerful Sales Performance delivers the motivation, knowledge, habits and tools to generate sales excellence.

Innovative methods and powerful delivery; Mercuri sales training generates results.

Mercuri International Sales Consultants have a proven track record of delivering professional sales training and sales consulting spanning the last half century! We use the most effective methods in the hands of the most experienced sales training consultants.

Our programmes are designed to address:

  • The specific needs of your teams and sales process
  • The challenges presented in winning business in your industry
  • The demands of your customers
  • The return you require on your investment

Our Sales Training Consultants will work with you to co-author professional sales training programmes which get results. Our Powerful Sales Performance methods ensure that our sales training programmes engage and challenge, as well as enhance the skills and motivation of your sales team.

Our specialist subjects include:

  • Powerful Sales Performance
  • Powerful Sales Planning
  • The Sales Platform
  • Consultative Selling
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Sales Presentation Skills
  • Telephone Selling and Marketing

Our Sales Training consultants have international experience with many clients across all sectors and industries. Mercuri International sales training programmes have been designed, tested and delivered in the following industries:

The most powerful Sales Training, the most experienced Sales Consultants delivering your sales growth. Mercuri International Powerful Sales Performance.