Digital Learning

How do you engage learners and give them the the tools to succeed?

The digital revolution has changed the way we interact with the world around us. Traditionally information has been pushed to us – a one-way, linear communication. Now, the way we absorb information has evolved – and so has learning. We consume media selectively from a wide range of sources. Our classroom is all around us – and it is the student, not the teacher who is the focus. This is pull learning.

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Limited available training time and a more mobile and decentralized workforce has transformed the way we develop people.

Mercuri’s Digital Learning Centre

Our Digital Learning solutions are designed to help people succeed; foster engagement, effectiveness and retention.

The traditional approach to learning separated work from the tutor-led, classroom environment. This transferred new skills which were taken back to the workplace. We are removing the hard borders between workplace and learning space. This creates a continuous, immersive learning- environment. Acquisition and application of new knowledge and skills then takes place simultaneously.

Disruptive technologies provide tools which enable this anytime, anywhere, any medium approach. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and robotics are having a massive impact on the future of workforce capability. For businesses to succeed they need to both understand and embrace them. 

The Science of Learning

Understanding how learn can transform the way we train. Our free E-book looks at the Science of Learning and examines what it might mean for your a copy now.