The HR Summit and Expo in Dubai

Behave strategically

We enjoyed a productive and great three days at the HR Summit and Expo in Dubai. Technology and Innovation were the key themes but we were reminded that we mustn’t let fancy technology distract us. The purpose of all learning and development activity must be clear. Behave strategically. Focusing solely on latest tools can easily distract us from the learner and corporate objectives.

We look forward to welcoming you on stand D52 at this event focused on “Shape the future – Reinvent the wheel”.  A newly developed HRSE Tech focused content, exhibition and features section is designed to drive and change the way HR works in the modern world.

A year of development in 15 minutes

Join us at the tech demo on Monday 12th November 2018 and discover a year of development in 15 minutes combining:

  • Evaluating competence
  • Creating a digital learning path
  • Deliver classroom training
  • Reinforcing learning with apps and coaching
  • Achieving accreditation and return on investment