Understand the Science of Learning

Neuroscience, specifically neuroeducation, has identified that the brain learns best in small chunks. Finding it easier to retain and organize information – So shouldn’t we be training our sales teams this way?

Understanding how we learn

Mercuri’s Digital Learning Centre is a modular, customizable, sales training offering that embraces the way we learn. Presenting information in a flexible, intuitive format for learners to digest – anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Information anytime, anywhere

Would you like to assess your current learning?

Our E-Book discusses the science of learning and how to prepare the workforce of tomorrow…Click this link to download it.

The human brain is uniquely flexible – and one type of sales training does not suit all. When we work with you to design a sales training solution we must make sure it is modular, capable of being constructed from a series of small, segmented building blocks…These building blocks can then be arranged in sequence that best suits the learner. Whether it encompasses:

The learning must reflect the learner! Some may want to absorb the information 5 minutes at a time, on a regular basis, others may have the mental focus (and time) for a more formal, structured learning environment.

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