What is differentiated selling…and how can it help me?

Not every customer is the same, obviously. Some know exactly what they want. They also know which organisation they want to do business with.

Others know only that they have a business challenge to resolve or an opportunity to take advantage of. These customers do not currently know how they are going to resolve their business challenge.

Differentiated Selling

Mercuri’s Differentiated Selling model defines different customer mind-sets based on:

  • How autonomous the customer is
  • What preferences they have towards you as a supplier

Customers (buyers) usually expect low added value from sellers and have a clear preference for their existing suppliers. This serves a major challenge – and opportunity – for sellers who must transform themselves and develop new skills.

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New customer acquisition requires new sales skills

In today’s business environment new customer acquisition is tougher than ever. To win new customers you need to develop your Assertive selling and Consultative selling skills.

Assertive Selling

If your customer has low or no preference to the offer and the capability to make an independent decision you need an assertive, confident approach. Challenge the customer’s thinking and give them a different, better way of doing things.

Customers who know their needs can often be dismissive towards the sales person. You as a sales person face two hurdles; the customer does not want contact and does not need anything, and/or is satisfied with their current supplier. This serves a major challenge and you must change the autonomous customer’s mind.

Assertive selling requires totally different skills and behaviour than the ones embedded in the majority of sales organizations today.

Consultative Selling

If your customer has low or no preference to the offer then a consultative, value-based approach is the most effective option. It build credibility, enabling you to demonstrate potential benefits.

The customer seeks advice from you as a supplier, but they have a negative attitude towards you. The sales person needs to position the company not as a supplier but as a consultant, and to make a creative and differentiated offer.

Consultative selling demands unique skills. In addition to product knowledge, you must also possess sector knowledge and commercial awareness to be able to beat your competitors.

Learn more about your situation

If you’ve heard from your sales teams:

“Our customers have already decided what they want before they speak to us.”

“The amount of choice online means that there is no customer loyalty.”

Mercuri International offer a diagnostic of:

  • The buying situations your sales force is facing.
  • Your salesforce’s capacity to cope with these situations.

We then analyse, plan and implement a program to ensure your sales force is able to handle the challenges they face and ultimately create true sales transformation.

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