Surveys & Business Audit Tools

Discovering how best to invest precious L&D budgets is a critical step to a successful outcome. Mercuri’s suite of Survey and Audit tools can identify  and isolate the key issues so that your organization does not waste precious resources fixing the wrong problem!

  • Understand why your customers buy from you.
  • Identify why your projects are not on time, on budget or the right quality.
  • Pinpoint why sales activity fails to reach targeted levels.
  • Quantify if sales activity and effort is aligned with company strategy.
  • Measure and benchmark the potential success of your Sales Managers over the next 24 months.

We use the best sales consulting software to establish facts, opinions and critical data. Our team validate  your people’s views  and benchmark against robust data sources.  The output is presented to your company and informs the next steps  in any initiative. 

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Competence can be described as a combination of skills, knowledge and attitude.

  • Skills: Those abilities which allow you to be effective in carrying out tasks.
  • Knowledge: The understanding needed to be effective.
  • Attitude: The underlying values that make it possible to do the job.

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