Driving customer loyalty and more revenue for SAP

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NeGOtiate&WIN – Confident Negotiators

Read in this month’s edition of the Journal of Sales Transformation about how a unified negotiations approach drives customer loyalty and more revenue for software giant SAP.

SAP’s global NeGOtiate&WIN program enables SAP salespeople to become confident and comfortable negotiating.

Blended Learning

NeGOtiate&WIN is a blended learning program designed to deliver maximum impact to our learners in a format that fits conveniently into their busy schedules. It’s also important to note that the training program was designed in response to a thorough analysis of SAP’s business performance and learning needs.

We chose to partner with Mercuri International, a professional services company specialising in: negotiations; sales training and performance training. Due to Mercuri’s global experience and ability to provide negotiations workshops in local languages, we chose this partner to work with both for executing the program at a local level plus further enhancing it based on new studies and best practices…”

Katherine Collins, Senior Director of Global Sales Leadership Programmes, SAP