Business Simulations

Why Business Simulation?

A bird strike on an aeroplane engine acts in the same way that a market crisis affects business: You can’t influence it, but it has an unpredictable impact on your future wellbeing!

As pilots are trained repeatedly to deal with the unexpected, a ‘live’ simulation which presents participants with the sequence; situation, decision and consequence in the business idiom can greatly raise the realism of a training experience.

Sales training using a simulation challenges participants through a compelling experience testing decision making and business thinking. Simulation help;

  • Emphasise the link between activity and results.
  • Encourage the correct balance of sales activities for success.
  • Avoid typical and repeated tactical mistakes.
  • Embed the right behaviours in customer facing situations.

Sales Improvement Outputs:

  • More and better quality sales
  • Procurement functional improvements
  • Better margins
  • More effective category management
  • Improved customer retention.



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Mercuri International and Celemi have helped nearly 15,000 companies per year, in more than 50 countries, in over 30 languages, to achieve necessary improvements in results – Ready-made business simulations and custom solutions recreate corporate challenges and situations, so people have the chance to test skills and explore new concepts in a relaxed, real-life environment. – Whether you need people to understand a new strategy, improve performance or learn business acumen, you need to think and act differently. How? Experiential learning or learning by doing.

“To give a faithful client 2% discount is not a big deal!”

“The purpose of forecasting is just to keep Finance folks busy…”

“We got the order! If we invoice today or next week does not really matter, as long as I meet my quota.”

If you have heard any of the above statements in your organisation, you should consider the board based business simulation Celemi Apples & Oranges™ for your teams.

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