The healthcare sector is navigating a profound transformation due to the impact of Covid-19. As markets shift rapidly, companies are challenged to adapt their commercial models for competitive advantage.  This complex and competitive sector also has unique challenges. Mercuri International works with major sector players to build practical and powerful Sales and Sales Management solutions which provide better results

As well as Sales Training solutions we build customised, practical sales and sales management solutions. Our sales strategy implementation programmes can incorporate:

  • Competence evaluation and psychometric testing for your sales and customer facing teams
  • Strategic Account Management – KAM whitepaper
  • Talent development programmes
  • Digital learning solutions
  • Optimising sales effectiveness using Artificial Intelligence
  • Managing customer and patient relationships virtually

“Maximising Sales in a Changing Healthcare Market”

Healthcare procurement procedure, State provided and Private, is an increasingly complex process and makes the sales environment equally complex. Interactions between the healthcare providers, the insurers, the state and other stakeholders have added complexity but also opportunity for those ready to exploit it!

An understanding of these challenges is critical in developing a highly successful sales team so how could Mercuri International Sales Consultants help you to maximise this opportunity?

We can:

  • Improve the efficiency of the sales process
  • Improve the effectiveness of sales management support
  • Deliver the knowledge skills and methods to enhance the power of your Key Account Management and sales teams.

Our team will work with your sales teams and account managers to:

  • Maximise the impact of face to face selling time
  • Enhance their credibility with key stakeholders
  • Project manage effective sales campaigns in this sector

The Mercuri International Healthcare Sales Consultants have developed the expertise and methods to help increase your sales. Working with the leading Global Healthcare companies has provided us with a unique insight into efficiencies and competitive advantage needed in this marketplace.

“We have chosen Mercuri International for their very pragmatic and efficient training programmes. Their ability to deliver the content in the 39 countries where we are present and to adapt the contents to the local culture when needed. Finally, the excellent support and coordination made by their International Project Leader.” 

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